Gadgets & Gear

I’ve always been a bit of a geek. I love my gadgets, but believe my OH is a bad influence on me….

Today, I’m going to tell you about my favourite items…

WATCH – I use TomTom multi sports cardio with a built in HR monitor. We saw it at The Great Ocean Road Marathon in May & I loved the fact I didn’t need to wear a chest strap…

SHOES – I have a few in rotation. My favourite are my HOKA one one Bondi. I also have Asics GT1000 and Fila Skeletoes. However, I am looking at get NEWTONS, but haven’t decided what colour..!!!

GEAR – mix it up is what I say. There is no specific brand that I would buy over another, if I like the cut and colour, then I buy it. Michelle Bridges at Big W is a good budget brand with excellent fit, but the capris & shorts don’t always have a tie waist.. On saying that, I love SKORTS. I have 3 pairs of Skirtsports ones, and. I. Love. Them. They have pockets in the shorts large enough for my phone and a media hole for my earphone cable
They do not ride up, hide any camel toe, and give that extra bit of modesty to an outfit, especially now the weather is getting warmer.

I bought a FLIPBELT when I got my new phone. It holds my keys, phone & anything else I want to carry. I says it can take money, but, I haven’t tried that yet..or my cards (I’m worried they might bend)


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