City2Sea Race Recap

It started on the night before and didn’t stop…RAIN. It was torrential. All through the night you could hear it bouncing off the roof, and it didn’t let up.
When we got out our beds at 530am, the last thing we wanted to do was run, but, it’s only rain & our skin is waterproof.
We headed into Melbourne along with many others. The sight at the bag drop off was hilarious. People with bin liners over their gear to stay dry & warm. The volunteers were using umbrellas to stay dry and all were very cheerful.

Once it was time to go to the start, the atmosphere changed again. We were lined up under trees, so although the rain wasn’t heavy, it was still dropping through the leaves. The drizzling rain did not dampen the spirits of the thousands of runners. Everyone seemed to be happy enough, and the count down was on… 3 2 1 go…..

I crossed the line and started the TomTom…no signal, please wait….Eh, it was fine a minute ago, well, maybe 5 minutes ago….Those trees, they made the signal drop out…oh, well, keep running, won’t be long….. It eventually starts, but I’m a few hundred metres out….still, try for that PB….keep running…..What The F…. Umbrellas, who the, what the…. No, really, they are “running” with umbrellas…Mate, get a hat….!!! Keep running….oh look, 1k….cool, gotta keep running….nope, I’m beat, let’s walk for a while now…. Right, time to run again…TomTom is vibrating, too slow….keep running…

Then, the heavens opened again…by this time I’d already removed my jacket…not trying to put that on again….keep running…..
Along the route there was a lot of stuff going on….Westpac had their staff out cheering everyone along, there were belly dancers & drummers…all braving this dreary morning to support us on our way…

Eventually, the sun started to come through..this is better… BUT, I was still damp…I wonder where the toilets are??? I’m sure I read somewhere that there were some out on the course…maybe I’ll get to the finish….don’t normally need to stop….but…..keep running…. Whoo hoo, there they are…is there a queue…nope…good…I’m going…..

Whoops, wrong thing to do…major wardrobe malfunction….my clothes are sticking to me because they are so wet, help, how does this??? No…. Cool, there is toilet roll, and it’s still dry, awesome…NOW, let’s get back out there….start running….

I wonder what that sign says….split point….15k to the right, 5k straight on…OK, I won’t make that mistake…straight on it is… Nobody said there were hills, lucky, all downhill…and look, nearly done…there’s the beach….keep running….TomTom says too slow again….keep running…

Ring Ring…WT?…Hello…..”mum, where are you??” & “mum, what’s your bib number???”…. Ok, so my son has finished….where is the end??? The corner, I see the corner, the finish is just here….nope…where did it go??? To the right, oh, ok….this way…. YEAH, I can see the finish…keep running…keep running….AND I’VE FINISHED…

I don’t like the look of the time on the clock… No PB…oh, well, I did have a rest stop….

Now what?? I was met by my son who walked me through the line of volunteers. “Well done”, “have a banana”, “here is some yoghurt”….

We walk back to his spot by the barriers and wait for everyone else. My husband was running the 15k along with some members of the local running club… Are they wearing their running tops, not so easy to spot…but…slowly they started to come in. And hubby, here is is, still running…good one…

WHAT A GREAT DAY. I’ll definitely run this one again, awesome.

We walked to a local coffee shop and had a quick bite to eat & a coffee. Instead of jumping on a tram back to the city, we decided to walk, so, TomTom back on, and we clocked up another 5k….

Once we were home and I uploaded the TomTom, I couldn’t believe my eyes..I might not have had a PB for the full 5…however, I had a best 1mile, best 1k….AND, my moving time was a PB…. So, take of the rest break, and I done good….

Now, what’s next?????


2 thoughts on “City2Sea Race Recap

  1. Great blog post Maggi – I felt like I was there with you! In the 15km start slots, we only got rained on while waiting, not out on the course although it was obviously still pretty damp.

    Well done on your mini-PBs – you’re doing a fantastic job out there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Gill. And I’ve got a stoater for next week, then the week after..I’ll just need to remember and take photos…


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