How slow is too slow and does it really matter?

I can relate to this….

There has been a bit of a theme going on lately with some of our runners thinking that they are ‘slow’ runners. I wanted to dispel some of the myths that you may have about running and what exactly makes a ‘fast’ runner anyway. I know that in a forum like RMA with over 6000 members  there are going to be many posts that boast times and paces and they may make some members feel like they are ‘slower’ or less adequate in their running pace. Let me firstly say that no, this is not the case and HELLO….If you are out there you are doing one better than anyone laying on the couch!

So why all this focus on pace anyway?, well I know myself that when I finish a run the first thing I do is go to my watch and check out my splits. This is not…

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1 thought on “How slow is too slow and does it really matter?

  1. Unless you’re chasing a time, or doing speedwork in order to be able to chase a time, pace is irrelevant. That’s a major downside to Strava for inexperienced runners – it’s great when you’re chasing a time, but likely demoralising when you’re just plodding along getting mileage into your legs or focussing on form!

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