So Slow…….in posting run reports…

I have two runs to update you on.
Erica’s 12th Marathon in 12 Months & SUSSAN.

Two very different runs in two consecutive weekends….where do I begin, yes, the first one….

a quick story on this one….Erica King, of Running Diva’s decided that for her 50th Birthday year, she would run 12 Marathons in 12 Months…this she did, but her 12th Marathon was going to be special.
She approached some special people and was allowed to stage her own marathon in Melbourne, with her family and friends…. Erica was limited to 50 Divas over the Marathon, but that included the shorter distances of Half, 10k & 5k.
I was happy to be accepted to run the final 5k along, what I would later find out to be, the Capital City Trail in Melbourne.

The day started out really well. We headed in to the city for the start and watched Erica, RUNMUM & a few others leave for their run. We then all split up. One was doing the half, one the 10k and myself and KF doing the 5k.
We had hours to spare, as we started when the others would reach the final 5k. (At all the distances, they would stop & regroup).
One of our other friends was already in the city for a special event, and she contacted us to say she was going to come along and join us for the run.
We took the tram out to find our starting point, and by this time the weather was heating up. It was expected to be 30+ (90). By the time we had reached out starting position, we were 1hour early and had walked approximately 4 kilometres. We went over to the golf club and had some refreshments, before heading back…….
We were due to leave at 11.15am, but, because it was so hot, people were slowing down, and I heard that a few were sick…
It all started off well. 1, 2 & 3 were not too bad, but we were in full sun, and by this time, I was down to walking completely….I just could not find any energy at all to run…
The 4k mark was a killer…all our equipment was telling us different mileage and we were so far behind everyone else, we were unsure of the route. I was ill…I struggled to keep my legs moving, I could hardly breathe & thought I was frying…(please be aware that I love the sun & could happily sunbathe all day)…..I was watching my TomTom constantly…and counting down the distance… How many hours have I been out here??? Is that all I’ve done….!! Man, I’m beat…..!!
Last one….500, 400, 300….I could see the finish & everyone waiting for us.. We held hands and ran through the finish….. OMG….what a relief.

The guys at the finish were absolutely amazing, making sure we all had water, and cold compresses to keep us cool. We also received a goody bag, and a very special medal. There was a Tea put on for us and some speaches, but unfortunately, I was unable to get there……..

I struggled for the next few hours. I knew I needed “salt” but I had been drinking plenty…I also knew that it wasn’t heatstroke or anything like that…!!

A few days later, after spending some time on FB and talking to my running friends, it seems that sunscreen & running on very hot days do NOT mix.
Apparently, the sunscreen blocks your pores and you do not sweat efficiently. Sweat is what keeps you cool during long runs & can act as your bodies own sunscreen…… Well, who would’ve know that….. Certainly not me, and it’s not very often I “SLIP,SLOP,SLAP”…..

I have sworn blind never to run in the midday sun, ever again…..!!!


The BCNA SUSSAN 10k was my last run for the year. It started and finished at Catani Gardens in Melbourne’s St Kilda.

The night before the run, the weather changed dramatically. For the last week it had been forecast light showers, but no…its City2Sea weather all over again.

It rained constantly through the night, and didn’t stop in the morning….but, after last weeks attempt in the sun, this was a very welcome change. I was prepared for the rain…a quick change of shoe choice & long compression socks and I was ready…even had the red poncho on to keep me dry at the start.
Again, there was a mix of dress… People in shorts and crop tops and others that were just walking, with their heavy jackets & umbrellas.

The SUSSAN is Australia’s only Woman’s fun run and it for Breast Cancer. It can be a very emotional one to do, but, I was supposedly doing it for fun, then, decided at the last minute to dedicate my run to two ladies that I am proud of. One has finished all her chemo and is now living it up and counting down till she is 5 year free. The other has just found out and has started the chemo & will then go and have her breasts removed…..

Anyway, back to run report…. It was not a very eventful run. I had on my RMA run top, so I was getting plenty of support from other “running mums”… 5k came and went, then 6,7,8,& 9.. I was feeling absolutely great and could not believe how well I was doing. The legs were working fine and it was a complete change from the week before… No sun beating down, but cold and damp… I would even find out later that I had a negative split, which means I ran faster at one point in the second half than I had in the first….wow…
I finished the last 500 by running all the way through to the finish line…no stopping me now, and caught off guard by someone shouting “Go Maggi” at the very end….

The years events have come and gone, so I am now planning what to do next year.
I have a few things that I want to do, but I will keep that for another day.

Once again, thank you for joining me on my running journey, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.



1 thought on “So Slow…….in posting run reports…

  1. Great run report, Maggi – I’m with you, much prefer running the rain than the heat. Well done on a great run at Sussan and I’m so glad I could be there to give you a cheer at the end!

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