Another Medalling Mother becomes Another Pedalling Mother

A lot has happened in the last few months…. I completed my goal of a 10k for Sussan in Melbourne last December.  To keep me in the mood, I signed up at New Year for Run Down Under, which tracks me from Canberra to ???? According to my statistics, it will take me to 2063 to complete the challenge…. Motivation…mmmm, maybe not what I was after…..  In January, I ran the first of 3 Sunset Series Melbourne Zoo. It was a fantastic night shared with a lot of friends from Point Cook Runners & I also met a few of the local Running Mums Australia…. You all know who you are….. Two weeks ago, I completed my local parkrun with a PB….it’s only taken me a year to run faster than I could walk back when I first started my journey… And so it continues…. I will continue with parkrun when I am able to attend and I look forward to collecting more BLING later in the year, when I have more time and availability…..



In January of this year, I bought myself a new Avanti Cadent Di2 Road Bike. As it’s been a few years since I’d been out on a bike, I signed up for a women only cycle course run in conjunction with my local council & Wheel Women.  I’ve spent the last 7 weeks attending classes with a great bunch of ladies and a new bug has taken over… I even seem to be good at it… That good, my leaders have invited me to go further and take a Cycle Coach Class, which will enable me to lead rides (on local cycle paths, not main roads) and go into schools and help the children with their cycle skills. 


Today, I bought myself a Bianchi Cameleonte Sport 3. She has been named Celeste, after the Bianchi Green Colour… She is a hybrid, which will be used for trails and easy rides, maybe even some classes. The Avanti…as yet un-named, will be used for longer, faster rides.

I will be posting now, as Another Medalling Mother, to keep you up to date with my running and then as Another Pedalling Mother to let you know what’s being happening in the cycling part of my life.. I will post the heading and then, it’s up to you if you want to carry on and read my story…or not…

I’d love to have you here to share all the exciting things that will be happening in the next few months… Feel free to like both my pages on Facebook…

Happy Running & Riding 



2 thoughts on “Another Medalling Mother becomes Another Pedalling Mother

  1. Great to hear an update on your adventures and am so glad to hear the cycling course went so well. As soon as I manage to dust off my bike and bring it back to life, I’ll definitely be calling on you to help me catch the cycling bug too!!

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    1. I will then be accredited to take you out and about…and the You Yangs are on the doorstep with some great rides..


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