Another Medalling Mother

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of another local parkrun in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Altona Beach is proud to have my OH as the Event Director. I had another PB and also a PB for this course.. I have had to run it a few times before it started to get the distances right.. Mr Mojo is making an appearance and I’ve been out a few times lately…whoo hoo…
It has been a busy 6 weeks in this household, so we are glad to be settling back into routines & getting some exercise put in the diary.

The next event for this #anothermedallingmother is the Shepperton Marathon Event at the end of August. I haven’t decided whether to do the 5k like last year, or attempt the 10k for something different. If I do the 10k then parkrun on the Saturday will be a no no….although I will go along for some socialising and coffee with the Event Team.
I have also been made an Admin on the Melbourne RunJunkEes Chapter page on Facebook. I will attempt to keep the group informed of any local runs that are happening and to help keep a positive & motivational page for us… 

The OH and I are now qualified Skills Coaches for Austcycle. We can teach basic cycling skills and safe cycling manoeuvres to beginner and intermediate riders in traffic free & low traffic environments. We hold a current Working With Children Check and First Aid Certificates. 

There a miles of trails and cycle paths where we live, and are currently taking our time to venture out through them and see where they lead..

I have signed up with #Wheel Women and doing a 100km Rapha Ride in July. There are no other major events on my calendar at the moment, but a 3 day Great Vic Bike Ride could be a possibility.
Thanks for reading & get in touch..

Feel free to like both my Another Medalling Mother & Another Pedalling Mother pages on Facebook


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