Recap of 2015 

Hi, welcome back to another medalling mother.

This year has gone so fast, yet at some points it felt like forever, especially May, which was house moving month….

Yes, we moved to a different area, it was coming into winter, so it took us a while to find new places to run and stretch our legs. I now have an easy 4K loop on my doorstep with some wonderful views, a creek and some friendly ducks….

This year, I have progressed quite well and had some PB’s for my two regular 10k races. On the 18th of October I received a last minute entry into the Medibank Melbourne Marathon 10k event..(last year I got a free entry from TomTom). My time last year was 1:29:27 and this year I managed to do 1:25:41.. Baring in mind that I hadn’t been training, and not running as much as I would have liked, I was absolutely stoked with this result.

Last week I joined thousands of females to do the Sussan Woman’s Fun Run on behalf of BCNA (Breast Cancer Network Australia). This was their 30 year celebration and the whole of Catani Gardens in St Kilda was a shade of Pink. The event last year was very dreary and wet, but this year we woke up to some beautiful weather and had the most fabulous run… Strava time for last year was 1:29:33 and this year was 1:25:59….

You can see that the unplanned Melbourne Marathon treats me better…

I have a few plans for next year, but nothing officially locked in… I would like to try a Tri, so have been looking at a small beginner one… I also think I should do one half marathon in my time, so I am looking for the most wonderful place to go, that doesn’t have a really fast cut off time.. Alice Springs is looking like a potentially good one, with not a lot of runners.

Remember, you can find me on Twitter @anothermedalmum, on Facebook #anothermedallingmother & #anotherpedallingmother, and finally on Instagram as anothermedallingmother.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon.
Take Care and have a wonder Christmas & New Year, no matter how you celebrate.

Happy Running


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