This new year is well under way and I haven’t been here to say hello…

At the moment I’m resting up as I have broken one of my ribs…whoopsies..it’s an age thing and unfortunately I’m now under my doctors care..Osteoporosis could be heading my way.

The reason I started running a few years ago was because of the imminent arrival of the Menopause and all the related ailments that go with it. Weight baring exercise was/is the way to go, along with eating a healthy diet of calcium rich foods.  I thought my love of chocolate, cheese & a latte were enough, but, no…I now have to take a supplement. Vitamin D deficiency is also on the radar, but if anyone knows me well…I love the sun and enjoy lying out, topping up the suntan.

A month ago, I looked at the blog page of a runner in the UK who began an experiment to see how many consecutive days he could run at least a mile. I thought this was an achievable target for me, as I haven’t built up my distance yet, but needed the motivation to lace up and go out the door. According to Strava, I had a run streak of 19 days, had a day of rest (the start of my injury) and carried on till Day 25, where I had to give up and rest completely, as my ribs were not healing as quick as I would like.  Any experienced runner will tell you NOT to run if you have an injury, but most of them would ignore their own advice. I will give myself till the end of the week and then I will start all over again…

I will strive to run at least a mile every day (which I can now do without having to walk) and continue to add a “bit more” on the end if I can.  I will also include at least one hill session per month (with the Point Cook Runners) and incorporate an intervals session to help me get to that 5K with no walking…the ideal is a 4:1 and is getting rave reviews on the Running Mums Australia page.

Thank you again for sharing my journey with me, and keeping me accountable.


Happy Running



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