Half Way……

We are now half way through the year, and it has been productive, even though I haven’t been here to share it with you….


took me to “A Mile Each Day”, a concept by the wonderful Tony Phillips. I completed at least a mile every day for 31 days and my love of running was born. I could see myself progressing in ways I never thought possible. My body could handle the distance and my mind agreed…easy, its only a mile…you’ll be done in half an hour…


as a family, we had signed up for the “Mothers Day Classic”, an annual event held in most towns around Australia, which, this year, so happened to fall on my 50th Birthday. My training started now, so, no more #MAD and back to running twice a week, on my days off. Daylight Saving had ended and it was dark at stupid o’clock, morning and evening. 


Mothers Day Classic and a weekend break to celebrate my 50th Birthday.  Awesome.  Then, a change of direction…Where to go from here?? I have no events planned for the rest of the year and NOTHING to aim for…


Distance, rather than time happened. I had decided to try to run further and get the mileage happening…3k, 4k, 5k…and beyond


It’s all happening now, things are starting to fall into place and my training is paying off… I managed to run 5k with no walk breaks, but still incorporate them into my longer runs. Jeff Galloway and his doable plans have opened up the life-changing experience of finishing a distance event to almost anyone and are designed to reduce aches, pains & injuries to almost zero. With this method in mind I have signed up for a 17k event mid-August, with my boys joining me, but leaving me behind…



2 thoughts on “HALF WAY

  1. Great to be able to follow along with your progress, Maggi. I absolutely love Jeff Galloway’s programs – wouldn’t have finished my half marathons without them. Have a ball at your next big event – who knows, I may actually join you 🙂


    1. Awesome. I look forward to it..👊


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