November Update

Only 6 weeks till the end of 2016. 

This year has been very quiet it terms of racing and events, but I’ve  plodded on regardless. On occasion, I can manage to put a small 2.5k run in at lunchtime, which keeps me reasonably active during the working week. 

In the next six weeks, I plan to put in some extra mileage and get myself back in to 10k plus per week. The reason behind this is that I want to complete a Half Marathon distance before the end of the year.

It will not be at any running event as I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, or an event team, to get it finished in a certain amount of time. 

I have also changed my way of eating, and now follow LCHF. So far this has helped me shed in excess of 6 kilo’s. It now means I use fat for fuel and NOT the carbs (especially not the pasta or bread type carb). The running seems a bit easier, but I find I am tiring quicker,  which is to be expected.

Summer is just around the corner, as is the Silly Season. Longer and warmer days with more time to pop in a few K’s out on the road. I’ll be back to my #MaD and hopefully my posts will be more regular.

Happy Running



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