Walking Everywhere

Being on forced leave due to my broken arm means I have a lot of time on my hands…(see where I went there…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

I have spent a lot of time out and about in my suburb and found some wonderful walks, statues & wildlife…(but no snakes yet)

We have a great deal of building going on, but it is still very quiet out here. I am, literally, right on the outskirts of town and farmland is only a 10 minute walk away, although it is probably destined to become housing estates.

This is a small bridge over Lollipop Creek here in Wyndham Vale.

 The traditional owners of Wyndham are the Wautharong on the West of Werribee River, where we are situated.

In honour of the Aboriginal Heritage.

Lollipop Creek is home to numerous birds, snakes and bugs…and I’m thankful the snakes were all hiding…it was certainly warm enough for them to be slithering about.

The resident Pelican, who was hanging out at this part of the lake a few times. They are beautiful birds to watch and very elegant in flight.

There are loads of these birds about, and I, unfortunately, do not know what they are. They just walk away when you are near them, as they are so used to us humans wandering around their habitat.

And, just to prove I’ve been out and about…the resident Pelican at my shoulder.

Although there has not been much running going on, I’ve clocked up over 35 kilometers in a week. A special thanks to the weather for being absolutely fabulous and letting me get out of the house.

Another special mention to my shoes of choice, Altra – fully cushioned zero drop & Footshape toe box.


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