From Fat to Fit

Three months in from injury and this girl is back…

In October of last year, Coach G was sent to a running specialist with an injury he had. During their conversation, they talked about diet and the specialist recommended a “Low Carb, High Fat” way of eating. We took this on board and completely changed our way of eating. Roll on seven months, and I have lost a total of 18 Kilos (nearly 40 pounds) and also dropped a few dress sizes. I flip between LCHF and Keto and have noticed a big difference in my running, especially now I am fully “fat adapted” (using fat for fuel). I had a target weight of 80k, but at the moment I’m hovering around the 75/76 mark and trying to decide how much more, if any, to loose.

Over the last few weeks I have run as much as possible, sticking between 3 & 6 kms. Coach G and I have been out running potential parkruns (a free, weekly, 5k timed run) and enjoying every minute.

On Friday 26th May, I went back to my old running route in Williamstown, and successfully completed the 5k with a “Personal Best”. The next day, I ran with my #poodledog at Altona Beach parkrun, and took a further 2 minutes off of my time (I was excited at Easter to get under 40 minutes for the first time). And now today, I have been given a PB of fastest 5 miler… Whoo hoo…

So, a mixture of diet & continued running (and walking through my injury) have helped me turn around this running lark, and I now have to sit down with a racing schedule and planner to see what my next goal will be AND where…

If you have any ideas or suggestions of what that could be, please leave a reply.

Happy Running


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