I’ve never been a runner…. I’ve always said “I don’t do running”……..

However, 2 years away from my 50th Birthday, I decided that I didn’t want to be fat at 50. This being the case, I decided to join my OH and No 1 son running.

Now I am a member of a few Facebook Running Groups… The online support you get from people you have never met is incredible. I have also signed up for parkrun, and have taken part on numerous occasions.


My goal is to be able to run 5k in 30 mins….so I joined the five30runners. My PR is 42.50, so I have a long way to go.

So far this year I have taken part in a few races. The Great Ocean Road (6k), Shepparton (5k) and my latest, Medibank Melbourne Marathon (10k). The Melbourne Marathon was not a planned event, there was no proper training. I won a place in the event and could choose my distance, which made sense to up it to the 10.

The next one, and where my main goal was, is the Sussan 10k in Melbourne this December.


This blog is going to take you through my training, gadgets, clothing & everything else running related, that I think you might like….However, you might not always agree with me




Maggi- anothermedallingmother







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