what to do when you are injured

And how to keep your fitness... As some of you know, I've sustained an injury... that's right, no running for a few weeks. This also means no driving, so no work either... how am I going to fill up my days. Let me explain what happened.  On Sunday mornings my hubby (Coach G) takes off… Continue reading what to do when you are injured


Running Resolutions

And what to do about them... I shared the "No Meat Athlete" and his 12 monthly running challenges in my last blog post. I slowly read through them, and have now decided on a plan of action to make me a better runner. I have decided to embrace 6 of the 12 and hopefully by… Continue reading Running Resolutions



Recap 2016 seemed to be pretty uneventful, till you go into your stats and see exactly how far you have come. According to the Garmin, most steps in a week was actually last week...121,719. This was achieved easily as I was on Annual Leave (for the first time in a year). Strava, which is linked… Continue reading 2016