February in Photos…



February – a month of PB’s


February was a quiet month in regards to my mileage. It’s still really warm and muggy, but I was still out there on a Saturday morning at parkrun.

On the first Saturday of the month, Point Cook parkrun put on PACER’s to help people try to achieve a “Personal Best” or PB (some call it a PR or personal record). It was a fluke that I turned up at Point Cook on this day, and not really out to follow a Pacer. However, when the horn went at the start, I got into my zone and just started running… Roshan, the 32.5 minute pacer went by and said hello. He ran in front of me at a pace I could hold, so I followed him quite nicely. In my head I could see him pull further and further away, but reality had him just in front… and Christine, the 35 minute pacer still behind me. I thought to myself, as long as Christine doesn’t catch me, we’ll be alright. And she didn’t. In the last Km, Roshan pulled further away, but I was right behind him. parkrun PB completed in 32.48… woop woop.

Mid February had us away camping to take part in a very small Running Festival in the township of Timboon (home of fabulous Ice Cream). The family were doing Timboon parkrun on the Saturday, then a 10k run called “The Trestle 10”. parkrun was as usual, an enjoyable 5k followed by coffee and a chat to the locals. The 10k was my challenge. All my 10k’s were 1:20’s and I couldn’t break it. I did have a perceived 10k PB during the Bellarine Rail Trail, but I just couldn’t get out of the 20’s… Roll on Timboon. I do not use my Garmin to its full potential. I switch it on, go run, then switch it off and find out how, far/fast I’ve gone.

The Trestle 10 was on a part of the old rail trail from Camperdown to Timboon which is 34 Kms long. It shares the first few Km’s of the parkun course, down to a very old Trestle Bridge (hence the name) up and over the bridge, then back to the start. My son and husband were away fast, and I plodded along at my usual run/walk speed. Only this time, I wasn’t walking. All the way to the Trestle without a walk break. Of course, I then had to stop to take pictures of the bridge, myself on the bridge…blah blah… Then it was uphill all the way back. You don’t really notice the elevation, till you see it later, wow… Anyhow, I reached the finish line as the last runner (but there were walkers behind me) and the Garmin was only registering 9.7kms… so I kept running, up to the main road, u-turn, and back till my watch bleeped the 10km mark. I quickly stopped the watch and walked back to my boys. My phone notified me that my run was uploaded and I popped into Strava to check… wow, a PB… this is turning out to be an awesome day… 1:15:46, so approximately 5 minutes off of my time. A celebratory coffee was waiting for me.

A few more runs along the Werribee River saw February end with only 60km in the bank, which is about half of what I need to complete my #run1000milesin2018…


March – No One Is Born A Winner, You Have To Earn It…

See you all later in the month for an update… Will we have more PB’s?? Will we have our longest distance yet?? What will March have in store for this girl???





But first, an update on how January treated me. It began with the challenge of #run1000miles2018 which meant approx 33kms per week or 5kms per day… yeah, no, that’s not going to happen here… but, hey, lets give it a shot…

My first “official” run for the year was in Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road. The title of the event was “Mountain to Surf” and by jolly, we started on a hill… a big hill…!! Then we turned off and into the forrest behind the township. It was absolutely gorgeous. Not to technical, and a pretty fast course for the Elites amongst us. There was not much room for passing, so a quick shout out and runners moved to the side to let the faster ones past. We eventually turned on to the Great Ocean Road, which had one lane closed for us to run on. This was absolutely the best bit… I got to run on the Great Ocean Road… The Race was ONLY 7kms and I finished it in the planned time of one hour. This was a fantastic event, which had a swim event the following day, and I would recommend this one to you.

Lots of running and training later, I finished the month at Run Club, with the Point Cook Runners, and smashed out two PBs… #fastestmile and #fastestkm…

Run as far as you can, the run a little farther…

This is the mantra for the month. I’ll be hashtagging #further #farther #faster for #February.

But… wait… I popped over to Point Cook parkrun on Saturday (3/2) and it was pacer day. They have pacers with set times on the first Saturday of the month. If you want to PB, then just try to stick with the pacer showing that time… or less. I wasn’t aiming to join in, but Roshan, the 32.5 pacer ran by and said hello. He was in front of me all the way, and I thought to myself “if I keep him in front and the other pacer behind, we could be winning”… well, I got over the line with a time of 32:48, taking approximately 3 minutes, YES, you read that right, 3 minutes off of my fastest time… woop woop…

#startasyoumeantogoon #runstrong


Embrace New Challenges, Achieve New Goals


This is the “Quote” for the month on my new calendar. I will be using these quotes to help me become a better runner, a better coach, and most of all… a better Athlete. It’s hard to imagine that that is what we are. Runners are all Athletes, whether you want to be or not. I “Googled” myself and that is what it said… “Athlete on Strava”… (and we all know, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen).

New Challenges for the year… well, that is an easy one. I kinda signed up for a #run1000miles, and we all know that here in Australia, we run on kilometres… whoopsies, only #run1600kms then…!!!

New Goals, easy, let’s just say, I need to run injury free… everything else is a bonus…

My hashtags for the coming year…

#stronger #faster #longer

Now, let’s just get out there and do our best, whether it’s 1km, 1 mile or 100 miles (you know who you are). We all run and we all strive to #runstrong



2017 Recap


2017 was full of adventures and injuries. The year started with some weight loss and me feeling stronger in my running.  And along came injury number 1.  A fall while out running landed me in hospital with a broken arm. I had 6 weeks off work, unable to drive or carry out menial tasks. I walked everywhere, and ended up with a PB on Garmin Connect for the most steps in a month at 361,613…

Then, in October, I ended up with an Avulsion Fracture (where the tendon pulls away from the bone and takes part of the bone with it) on my right ankle, the day before my very first Half Marathon. Lets just say that I have some unfinished business there. We are however, nearly recovered, and my distances are getting longer again…

Stats from 2017 include:-

812.6km, up from 410 in 2016.

130 hours running time, increased from 60.

178 PB’s and 193 activities.

My mileage and running times have doubled from 2016, so the plan is to do that again… (???!!!)…WHAT…!!!

My total weight loss so far is waaaaay over 20 kilos, and lots of dress sizes… lets just say that my “activewear” is the only stuff that fits me… and only because I have come addicted to buying it.