A year in photos…



Embrace New Challenges, Achieve New Goals


This is the “Quote” for the month on my new calendar. I will be using these quotes to help me become a better runner, a better coach, and most of all… a better Athlete. It’s hard to imagine that that is what we are. Runners are all Athletes, whether you want to be or not. I “Googled” myself and that is what it said… “Athlete on Strava”… (and we all know, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen).

New Challenges for the year… well, that is an easy one. I kinda signed up for a #run1000miles, and we all know that here in Australia, we run on kilometres… whoopsies, only #run1600kms then…!!!

New Goals, easy, let’s just say, I need to run injury free… everything else is a bonus…

My hashtags for the coming year…

#stronger #faster #longer

Now, let’s just get out there and do our best, whether it’s 1km, 1 mile or 100 miles (you know who you are). We all run and we all strive to #runstrong



2017 Recap


2017 was full of adventures and injuries. The year started with some weight loss and me feeling stronger in my running.  And along came injury number 1.  A fall while out running landed me in hospital with a broken arm. I had 6 weeks off work, unable to drive or carry out menial tasks. I walked everywhere, and ended up with a PB on Garmin Connect for the most steps in a month at 361,613…

Then, in October, I ended up with an Avulsion Fracture (where the tendon pulls away from the bone and takes part of the bone with it) on my right ankle, the day before my very first Half Marathon. Lets just say that I have some unfinished business there. We are however, nearly recovered, and my distances are getting longer again…

Stats from 2017 include:-

812.6km, up from 410 in 2016.

130 hours running time, increased from 60.

178 PB’s and 193 activities.

My mileage and running times have doubled from 2016, so the plan is to do that again… (???!!!)…WHAT…!!!

My total weight loss so far is waaaaay over 20 kilos, and lots of dress sizes… lets just say that my “activewear” is the only stuff that fits me… and only because I have come addicted to buying it.





A few comments turned up on my Facebook feed over the weekend. Typically using the quote, as shown above.

As much as I liked this quote previously, it makes my DID NOT START sound like I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed…

Let me explain… Training for Medibank Melbourne Half Marathon was going to plan. I had a couple of weeks with a 17k, 16k, 17k and knew that I could easily finish off with a 21.2k… The weekend arrived and I was volunteering at the launch of a new parkrun at Bannockburn, Vic. It should have been a rest day for me, so tailwalking was the plan, to also get my run credit, as I’m nearing the 50 milestone. About one kilometre in, I was on some uneven ground, went over on my ankle and heard a very loud crack. There was a bit of pain, but nothing drastic, so I carried on and completed my volunteer role. (Should this have been my first DNF???) While the volunteers were processing the results, I removed my shoe to examine the damage. My foot had swollen up to be twice the size, so a decision had to be made soon. How quickly do I attend the hospital? Do I attempt to run 21.2k then go? Shall I go now?? The decision was made and off we went to the ED. We checked in, straight through, xrays done, and out the door within an hour. I have an “avulsion fracture” which means that the tendon or ligament has pulled off a piece of the bone. Rest and time will help it heal…

So, I (no, the doctors) chose to be a DNS at my event. I was planning to stay at home and rest up, but my family kindly told me to come to the event as support crew. I was at the start line with my friends, hobbled round the expo, and then made my way to the finish line, then joined the crew for a slap up burger and milkshake to celebrate.

The choice of being a DID NOT START was taken out of my hands due to injury, but the above quote had been branded about all weekend to help runners who either started their races with an injury, or were forced to pull out because of one. It does not make them any better than me because they started and it certainly forces the issue of how we motivate AND sympathize with our run buddies when problems start.

So, I am choosing to celebrate all the training I HAVE done, as that was really the journey and the majority of the work to this stage.

There will be other races to participate in and I’m already looking at the race calender…….


Dead last


Today, I was dead last… but that is ok, as it was part of the plan. Today, I was a volunteer at parkrun (a free, weekly, timed, 5k event) in the role of “tail walker”. Today, I had the best fun ever. Today, I was given a multitude of “hi 5’s” by runners of all shapes, sizes and, of course, speeds… Today, my speed, time or position did not matter, as long as I was dead last… well, someone has to be, and today… it was me… I am, an Aussie Backpacker…😂😂 (see what I did here) … thanks for that, Jo Mac.

Torquay parkrun launched with 374 runners, from various parts of Victoria, all sharing the love of one thing… running and parkrun. We had celebrations from @macgirlrunning who was enjoying her 100th parkrun. (Head on over and read her blog… macgirlrunning.wordpress.com) birthdays and anniversaries. There were runners from Essendon Black & Red, Melton City Runners and my own running club, Point Cook Runners. Runners travelled from as far afield as Inverloch parkrun, Albert & Altona Beach. The weather was beautiful with clear, sunny skies and the view over the bay was tremendous.

I don’t consider myself to be a parkrun “tourist”, but, Coach G (my hubby) is Territory Director for parkrun looking after West Melbourne to the Surf Coast. Because of this role, I get to travel around, completing different parkruns, and help to set up course measurements for new events. We have a few massive launches in the coming weeks, but, Saturday 19th August will be a special event, co hosted by parkrun, Medibank and fitness guru Michelle Bridges. This will be at Brimbank park in Keilor, a western suburb of Melbourne.

See you there…


Now What…??


Today I reached my running goal for the year… I have increased my mileage every year and gave myself a target of 500km. In 2016, I ran 410.5km, had 28 PB’s over 120 activities taking 60 hours to complete. So far, this year, I have run 505.6km, with 86 PB’s (yes, you read that right, 86) over 128 activities taking 77 hours to complete… AND IT’S STILL JULY…

parkrun in Australia is really taking off, and I have spent a lot of time with my husband, Coach G  (who is the Territory Director for Melbourne West, going as far south as Torquay) measuring out new courses. We have 3 in August launching, with two rushed through by a major sponsor. We enjoy going out to new places, meeting new people and running in the “Free, weekly, 5k timed runs around the world”.  These events have helped increase my distances, time on my feet AND encouraged me to now run the full 5k with NO WALK BREAKS. Distances of 10+ still find me “Jeffing” and putting in my regular walk breaks.

I have a few events this year that I would like to participate in, and one is The Bellarine Rail Trail, which saw me last year complete my furthest running distance of 17k. The plan is to go back this year and smash out a faster time, with more running than walking (time to beat is 2:38)

And in other news…

A few weeks ago, I spent the day at Athletics House in Melbourne and successfully completed all the requirements and competencies to be an accredited Level 1 Recreational Run Leader. I will now be able to assist Coach G (who is Level 2 accredited) with leading some of the run sessions within our local run group.

AAC Logo - May17

Chasing the PB…


While I was out running today, the words to write were floating around in my head, but, now I am here, they have disappeared and I am at a loss as how to describe my feelings…

Over the last 4 weeks, I have knocked out “Personal Best” after “Personal Best” (PB) which every runner strives for. This can only happen for so long, then it will be back to the chase. So far, I have taken over 5 minutes from my 5k time and today, approximately 8 minutes from my 10k time.

It has not been easy, but the weight loss I have experienced is definitely the main reason for this, along with my Coach and hubby (one and the same person…)

Today I used the  Run Walk Run method, as recommended by Olympian Jeff Galloway. The intervals used were a 1.6k warm up, followed by 3:30 (3 minute run and 30 second walk) and then a final push on the last kilometre (with no walk breaks). The total time was 1:19:25.

Often associated with beginners, the Run Walk Run method is a sound training plan that has also found it’s way into the  training programmes of intermediate AND advanced runners to increase their mileage, reduce injury and help prevent burnout. It is also suggested that the walk breaks are taken from the start, not once you are tired. There are many running groups on Facebook that advocate this method, one being “Girls That Jeff – GTJ”…

I will continue to train for that elusive Half Marathon, and hope that I can put it under my belt soon.

Happy Running Continue reading