Dead last


Today, I was dead last… but that is ok, as it was part of the plan. Today, I was a volunteer at parkrun (a free, weekly, timed, 5k event) in the role of “tail walker”. Today, I had the best fun ever. Today, I was given a multitude of “hi 5’s” by runners of all shapes, sizes and, of course, speeds… Today, my speed, time or position did not matter, as long as I was dead last… well, someone has to be, and today… it was me… I am, an Aussie Backpacker…😂😂 (see what I did here) … thanks for that, Jo Mac.

Torquay parkrun launched with 374 runners, from various parts of Victoria, all sharing the love of one thing… running and parkrun. We had celebrations from @macgirlrunning who was enjoying her 100th parkrun. (Head on over and read her blog… birthdays and anniversaries. There were runners from Essendon Black & Red, Melton City Runners and my own running club, Point Cook Runners. Runners travelled from as far afield as Inverloch parkrun, Albert & Altona Beach. The weather was beautiful with clear, sunny skies and the view over the bay was tremendous.

I don’t consider myself to be a parkrun “tourist”, but, Coach G (my hubby) is Territory Director for parkrun looking after West Melbourne to the Surf Coast. Because of this role, I get to travel around, completing different parkruns, and help to set up course measurements for new events. We have a few massive launches in the coming weeks, but, Saturday 19th August will be a special event, co hosted by parkrun, Medibank and fitness guru Michelle Bridges. This will be at Brimbank park in Keilor, a western suburb of Melbourne.

See you there…



Now What…??


Today I reached my running goal for the year… I have increased my mileage every year and gave myself a target of 500km. In 2016, I ran 410.5km, had 28 PB’s over 120 activities taking 60 hours to complete. So far, this year, I have run 505.6km, with 86 PB’s (yes, you read that right, 86) over 128 activities taking 77 hours to complete… AND IT’S STILL JULY…

parkrun in Australia is really taking off, and I have spent a lot of time with my husband, Coach G  (who is the Territory Director for Melbourne West, going as far south as Torquay) measuring out new courses. We have 3 in August launching, with two rushed through by a major sponsor. We enjoy going out to new places, meeting new people and running in the “Free, weekly, 5k timed runs around the world”.  These events have helped increase my distances, time on my feet AND encouraged me to now run the full 5k with NO WALK BREAKS. Distances of 10+ still find me “Jeffing” and putting in my regular walk breaks.

I have a few events this year that I would like to participate in, and one is The Bellarine Rail Trail, which saw me last year complete my furthest running distance of 17k. The plan is to go back this year and smash out a faster time, with more running than walking (time to beat is 2:38)

And in other news…

A few weeks ago, I spent the day at Athletics House in Melbourne and successfully completed all the requirements and competencies to be an accredited Level 1 Recreational Run Leader. I will now be able to assist Coach G (who is Level 2 accredited) with leading some of the run sessions within our local run group.

AAC Logo - May17

Chasing the PB…


While I was out running today, the words to write were floating around in my head, but, now I am here, they have disappeared and I am at a loss as how to describe my feelings…

Over the last 4 weeks, I have knocked out “Personal Best” after “Personal Best” (PB) which every runner strives for. This can only happen for so long, then it will be back to the chase. So far, I have taken over 5 minutes from my 5k time and today, approximately 8 minutes from my 10k time.

It has not been easy, but the weight loss I have experienced is definitely the main reason for this, along with my Coach and hubby (one and the same person…)

Today I used the  Run Walk Run method, as recommended by Olympian Jeff Galloway. The intervals used were a 1.6k warm up, followed by 3:30 (3 minute run and 30 second walk) and then a final push on the last kilometre (with no walk breaks). The total time was 1:19:25.

Often associated with beginners, the Run Walk Run method is a sound training plan that has also found it’s way into the  training programmes of intermediate AND advanced runners to increase their mileage, reduce injury and help prevent burnout. It is also suggested that the walk breaks are taken from the start, not once you are tired. There are many running groups on Facebook that advocate this method, one being “Girls That Jeff – GTJ”…

I will continue to train for that elusive Half Marathon, and hope that I can put it under my belt soon.

Happy Running Continue reading

From Fat to Fit


Three months in from injury and this girl is back…

In October of last year, Coach G was sent to a running specialist with an injury he had. During their conversation, they talked about diet and the specialist recommended a “Low Carb, High Fat” way of eating. We took this on board and completely changed our way of eating. Roll on seven months, and I have lost a total of 18 Kilos (nearly 40 pounds) and also dropped a few dress sizes. I flip between LCHF and Keto and have noticed a big difference in my running, especially now I am fully “fat adapted” (using fat for fuel). I had a target weight of 80k, but at the moment I’m hovering around the 75/76 mark and trying to decide how much more, if any, to loose.

Over the last few weeks I have run as much as possible, sticking between 3 & 6 kms. Coach G and I have been out running potential parkruns (a free, weekly, 5k timed run) and enjoying every minute.

On Friday 26th May, I went back to my old running route in Williamstown, and successfully completed the 5k with a “Personal Best”. The next day, I ran with my #poodledog at Altona Beach parkrun, and took a further 2 minutes off of my time (I was excited at Easter to get under 40 minutes for the first time). And now today, I have been given a PB of fastest 5 miler… Whoo hoo…

So, a mixture of diet & continued running (and walking through my injury) have helped me turn around this running lark, and I now have to sit down with a racing schedule and planner to see what my next goal will be AND where…

If you have any ideas or suggestions of what that could be, please leave a reply.

Happy Running

Walking Everywhere


Being on forced leave due to my broken arm means I have a lot of time on my hands…(see where I went there…😂😂)

I have spent a lot of time out and about in my suburb and found some wonderful walks, statues & wildlife…(but no snakes yet)

We have a great deal of building going on, but it is still very quiet out here. I am, literally, right on the outskirts of town and farmland is only a 10 minute walk away, although it is probably destined to become housing estates.

This is a small bridge over Lollipop Creek here in Wyndham Vale.

 The traditional owners of Wyndham are the Wautharong on the West of Werribee River, where we are situated.

In honour of the Aboriginal Heritage.

Lollipop Creek is home to numerous birds, snakes and bugs…and I’m thankful the snakes were all hiding…it was certainly warm enough for them to be slithering about.

The resident Pelican, who was hanging out at this part of the lake a few times. They are beautiful birds to watch and very elegant in flight.

There are loads of these birds about, and I, unfortunately, do not know what they are. They just walk away when you are near them, as they are so used to us humans wandering around their habitat.

And, just to prove I’ve been out and about…the resident Pelican at my shoulder.

Although there has not been much running going on, I’ve clocked up over 35 kilometers in a week. A special thanks to the weather for being absolutely fabulous and letting me get out of the house.

Another special mention to my shoes of choice, Altra – fully cushioned zero drop & Footshape toe box.

what to do when you are injured


And how to keep your fitness…

As some of you know, I’ve sustained an injury… that’s right, no running for a few weeks.

This also means no driving, so no work either… how am I going to fill up my days.

Let me explain what happened.  On Sunday mornings my hubby (Coach G) takes off early to running group. They split into a few groups – the Tuesday Night Session repeat & long run of 10+K.  For once, I decided to join them, as I needed to do some training and build up my mileage to help me complete my half marathon distance before May.  I went away on my own, completing my Nitro 3 minute challenge, then continuing on my run of 2/30 intervals x 25 reps.  I was a few hundred yards from the completed repeat session & was deciding whether 20 reps would be enough or to continue for 5 more when BAM, I was on the ground. Without going into it too much, I was rushed to hospital, and they performed surgery on a broken arm, which is now held together by a metal plate and some pins…(Thank you again to all who came to my aid, and made sure I was comfortable).

So, now I am at home for 3 weeks with NO RUNNING and limited mobility. I can now perform most tasks for myself, but the “over the elbow” cast and NO WEIGHT BARING activities make exercise extremely difficult.

The answers to my challenge request online all suggested the same…lower body & core strengthening…planks are out, as I cannot use my right arm…so, SQUATS it is… 30 day challenge accepted…

I will try and remember to post on my Facebook Page @anothermedalmum and keep you up to date on my challenge & my recovery.

Happy Running


Altra Ambassador 2017


I have the honour and privilege to announce that I have been awarded such an exciting role.

I have been wearing Altra Running shoes for over two years now, and I absolutely love them. Those that know me personally, or follow me on Strava & any other social media platform, see me regularly “hashtag” the brand.

At the moment, I rotate through 3 pairs for road running, but I also have a pair for trail & tri. And then the casual minimalist ones. This pair is difficult to run in, so used more casually but ideal for my “Magic Mile” time.

Please have a look at these fantastic shoes and if you wear them, let me know how you like them.


Happy Running